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Attendance Management

Helping you deal effectively with health aspects
of attendance and performance

Management of employee attendance is a challenging aspect of any manager’s role. Health 1st is committed to providing evidence-based, pragmatic and work-specific advice which will aid managers in reducing overall levels of costly sickness absence, both short and long-term through early intervention and the provision of clear recommendations to help deal with the health aspects of attendance and performance.

This can be undertaken through the Management Referral process, either through regular service provision or on an ad hoc basis using Health 1st’s Pay as You Go.

In our experience long-term and frequent short-term absence, as well as reduced performance at work is often multi-factorial in cause and may include:

  • Physical health issues e.g. acute or chronic health conditions, such as musculoskeletal symptoms and conditions, diabetes, cancer, asthma and fatigue
  • Mental health issues, such as low mood, depression, anxiety; low confidence and poor self-esteem
  • Poor sleep, which can arise as a result of a variety of reasons e.g. a physical or mental health condition, side effect of medication, lifestyle factors, such as caffeine and alcohol consumption.
  • Cognitive problems, e.g. which may impact on memory, concentration and problem-solving ability
  • Spiritual issues, such as cultural pressures and expectations

We take a collaborative approach to dealing with Management Referrals, through liaison with, as applicable, HR, Health and Safety, management and the employee to ensure that advice is relevant and takes into account the needs of all parties.

Through the Management Referral process, we can provide:

  • Advice tailored to the realities of the health effects on the employee and their associated needs, taking into account their specific working environment.
  • Advice on likely applicability of the Equality Act, with recommendations for viable adjustments to support the person to remain in work, or return to work as soon as soon as feasible, focussing on what they can do, rather than what they cannot
  • Support to enable continued improvement e.g. through the provision of information e.g. on musculoskeletal health; signposting advice and support e.g. for rehabilitation to aid in recovery
  • Advice to enable robust employment decisions to be made in relation to sickness absence and ill-health

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