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Health Promotion

Helping to empower and educate
your staff in ways of maximising
their health and wellbeing

In addition to assisting our clients in meeting their legal health and safety responsibilities e.g. through undertaking health screening and health surveillance programmes related to workplace hazards and safe working methods, we are also happy to provide support with creating and delivering health promotion initiatives to help empower and educate employees in ways of maximising their health, safety and wellbeing.

There are many benefits to promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace, including:

  • Demonstration of the organisation’s commitment to its employees’ health and wellbeing as part of its corporate identity, with the potential for reduced staff turnover, recruitment and training costs
  • Enhanced levels of performance, productivity and attendance
  • Motivated employees who feel supported in attaining and practicing healthier behaviours at home and at work
  • Good attendance levels, as healthy, motivated workers are less likely to take sick days
  • Cost savings from reduced sickness absence and associated management and cover costs

Health promotion topics are generally based upon an analysis of needs and wants, including health-related trends as a result of management referrals and health screening and surveillance. Examples include:

  • Promotion of musculoskeletal health: and may involve working in collaboration with other practitioners and specialists in order to support staff in reducing their risk of musculoskeletal injury and disorder. This can be tailored to meet the needs of staff in physical as well as sedentary roles
  • Workshops and themed campaigns to educate employees on health issues such as common cancers; gender-specific health problems; diabetes; heart disease
  • Healthy lifestyle behaviours including the importance of general exercise and role-specific fitness requirements, healthy eating and weight management
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Methods to promote rest and sleep
  • Managing pressures in and out of work
  • Promoting other positive lifestyle choices e.g. in relation to alcohol

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