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Manual Handling Training

Helping you minimise risk of injury from manual handling,
through improving your staffs’ skills and awareness of
good postures and safest working practices

Health 1st specialises in the development and on site delivery of bespoke manual handling training programmes, tailored to specific job roles and in line with the organisation’s manual handling risk assessments. As required by the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (as amended) and best practice, training takes into account the nature of the tasks, the environment, employees’ capabilities, the loads they handle and any other factors which might apply, such as peak production times, shift work and handling equipment.

Training options include:

  • Key Trainer Programmes: Induction and Refresher
  • Induction and Refresher Programmes
  • Short ‘Toolbox Talks’, depending on risk level and aims of the programme.

Training comprises a combination of underpinning theory and relevant practical activities for safer manual handling, ensuring that all key areas are covered.

Depending upon need, examples of content include:

  • Key legislative and industry best-practice requirements
  • Causes and prevention of musculoskeletal injury and pain, including postural awareness and principles of safe and efficient movement to help minimise injury through manual handling
  • Promotion of good health and wellbeing, with the potential benefit of enhanced performance and increased resilience

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